Dock Problems?

It’s the middle of July and the sun is high, doing its best to incinerate the mere mortals scampering about on the earth below.  You ‘re standing on your deck, looking out at the water and dreaming of how great it would be to be out on it, or in it.  But there is one problem; your usually convenient path to your boat has been turned into a medieval torture device.  In the glare of the sun you can just make out the quivering husk of your aluminum dock whose reflection causes passing seagulls to burst into flames; their ashes scattering about your shoreline.

Maxstep1lgThis sad scene, unfortunately repeated all over America, is a far too familiar one for most who live on or near the water.  The very sleek aluminum dock you’ve had installed heats up in the sun, making your journey to the water or boat a very painful experience, especially for kids who may forget their dock shoes.  Of course, if you have a wood dock the sun can still make it hot but not as bad as aluminum. However, taking the dock out or putting it in can be a rather heavy process as wood dock tends to be far denser than other dock materials.

Dock Solutions

Enter Thru-Flow decking; a light weight, molded poly dock surface that solves several traditional issues with lake dock installation and use.  This product allows you to enjoy your life on the water in a safe and comfortable way, providing a 360° slip resistant surface that is environmentally friendly, maintenance free, and durable.  With the inclusion of the Thru-Flow dock on your waterfront you eliminate the tendency of wood dock to develop depressions where water can collect, splinters in your bare feet, and the sneaky tendency of the bolt heads that hold the wood deck down to heat up in the sun, creating a tiny mine field of hot spots.

GullheaderThe Thru-Flow decking is resistant to the mold and algae that can plague wood dock surfaces and the open design allows light, water, and air to freely pass through; protecting plant and marine life beneath and keeping the surface dry and cool throughout the season.  The decking is available in 3’, 4’, and 5’ lengths with three colors to choose from.  The designers of this decking technology have built into the dock a Storm Smart quality that allows wind and waves to pass through the decking, resisting the tendency toward “uplift” during rough weather familiar to owners of solid surface docks.

So if you want to get out onto the water safely and without combustion, do yourself, and the seagulls a favor and check out the poly decking from Thru-Flow; it’s just the right thing to do.


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