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This Is For The Birds! Best Bird Deterrents

Birds are a great part of lake living, they provide something to watch, get you closer to nature and if you watch close enough you might even see the different personalities of the waterfowl in your area.  That being said one inescapable part of birds is their constant droppings.  Not only are they off-putting, can carry dangerous bacteria but they are just plain gross!  They can also do a lot of damage to canopy covers and make your whole lift and [...]

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Canopy Covers: Classic Vinyl VS High Tech Fabric

Canopy covers are an absolute must for anyone that is looking to avoid any sun damage or weathering of any portions of their boat.  These covers, when installed correctly, protect your boat's seating and electronics from the wind, rain and constant beating down of the sun.  Covers come in a few different styles depending on what type of lift you have.  Most lifts have either a pitched style canopy frame or a lower profile frame.  Finding out what brand and model [...]

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Boat Lift Canopy Care

Seasonal Boat Lift Care The air is getting cooler and the days shorter and as the leaves change and drift to the ground we accept that the season is drawing to a close.  As much as we may wish for just one more, sunny weekend to get out on the water, the turning earth has other plans and those nice fall weekends are disappearing fast.  Winter will be here soon and there are a few housekeeping chores to take care of [...]

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Freestanding Canopy Kits

LakeShore Having a canopy frame and cover on your lift can be a very nice feature. This keeps your watercraft dry and makes the overall boating experience that much better. Yet, if you are in a situation where you either do not have a lift, cannot have a lift, or you cannot attach a canopy to your lift, as with cantilever style pontoon lifts, you may think that you are out of luck. However, you do have options and we are [...]

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