Ramps have so many different uses in both lake living and life in general.  Many times stairs are just not an option due to the design constraints or because people need the ease of a ramp and can’t be going up and down stairs.  The elderly and those in wheelchairs could see some of the greatest use out of this product and it could enhance their quality of life immensely.

In this post we are highlighting what might be the best ramp on the market to date.  Roll-A-Ramp is a high quality, strong and sturdy ramp built for dozens of different applications.  Over the years it has been put into more uses than any ramp on the market.

Some of its uses include bridging gaps between a dock and a boat, coming down from a porch to the ground, stepping down from an RV, getting wheelchairs into vehicles or down areas where stairs aren’t an option.  They have even been used as ramps onto stages,  ramps coming down from private jets and ATV ramps.  There really is no end to what Roll-A-Ramp can do.  This product can come with additional handrails for even more support.

Roll-A-Ramp rolls right up quickly for easy maneuverability and storage.  You may add or subtract lengths from the product to fit all of your needs.  This ramp has up to a 1000 lbs capacity and is made from lightweight aerospace aluminium.  It comes with a 10 warranty which is unmatched in the industry.  The various widths of Roll-A-Ramp include 12″, 22″, 26″, 30″, 36″ and 48″.  From a 3 feet to 16 feet long Roll-a-Ramp has you covered.

The brackets for the handrails attach easily and are also made from high grade aluminum so they never rust.  If you have to bridge a gap, Roll-A-Ramp is the product for you.


Photo Credit To: Roll-A-Ramp