Beat the Sun withThru Flow Decking

Dock Problems? It’s the middle of July and the sun is high, doing its best to incinerate the mere mortals scampering about on the earth below.  You ‘re standing on your deck, looking out at the water and dreaming of how great it would be to be out on it, or in it.  But there is one problem; your usually convenient path to your boat has been turned into a medieval torture device.  In the glare of the sun you can [...]

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Docks High and Dry on Michigan Lakes

Great Lakes Basin If you spend any time at all on the Great Lakes you may have noticed one of the most obvious indicators of change. Many of the waterfront docks that populate the Great Lakes basin are high and dry or at least showing more “leg” these days. The main causes of these changes are clear and widely acknowledged as record temperatures and lack of seasonal precipitation have led to record low water levels all over the Great Lakes Basin. [...]

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More Tough Weather Ahead for 2013

It was hot last summer.  The weather was so extreme that it set records all across the country, leaving the powers that be looking for a widespread solution to the problem.  There has been a significant emphasis by those who are monitoring the situation, on the historically low precipitation (rain, snow) and excessively high temperatures in spring and summer over the past few years.  These two factors have created a situation in which high evaporation during the summer is not being [...]

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