Lake Lite Solar Dock Post Lights

Versatile Solar Dock Lights Solar light manufacturers make it their business to produce a product that will capture the broadest market; designing their lighting systems to accommodate as many of the consumers needs as possible.  Versatility and style are two of the primary considerations.  The consumer, that’s you, is the market and therefore the solar dock light industry works hard to give you the light you want that will do the job. The main benefit of solar powered lighting is: Its [...]

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The LakeLite™ Solar Sky Light

All of the solar light options on the market offer the benefits of advanced technology in their design and functionality, yet there are some designs that have features that set them apart.  The solar powered industry relies on batteries to store the energy generated through the photovoltaic process and the longevity and design of these batteries is as important as the solar panels.  In this article we will discuss a design that incorporates advanced electronics to regulate light output to maximize [...]

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