Fueling your boat can be a difficult and dangerous endeavor for many people and holding heavy gas cans out over your boat can be hard if you are not strong.  For those of us that want a little more safety and control or those of us that are older and just need a little assistance, there is the all-new LilliPad Marine Funnel.

These high-grade funnels allow you to easily transfer fuel from whatever container you are using into your watercraft safely and smoothly from your dock.  The LilliPad Marine Funnel comes with either a 6ft or 10.5ft hose for your use.  The tip of the hose is pure aluminum to fit with EPA guidelines and will not spark when struck against other materials.   This systems mount to an existing dock or boat lift and comes with a modular mounting system allowing for the funnel to be quickly and easily removed and taken to multiple boats.  The top of the funnel has a cut out so the neck of the gas can easily rest while you use two hands to add the fuel, taking the weight off you.  With the extra large mouth of the LilliPad Marine Funnel fuel is safely dispensed without spillage and any possible splashing is prevented by the screen inside.  No one wants to spill gas all over themselves, their boat or dock or into the lake they live on.

When summertime comes, make sure you are fueling safely and responsibly while saving you back using LilliPad Marine Funnel.