Birds are a great part of lake living, they provide something to watch, get you closer to nature and if you watch close enough you might even see the different personalities of the waterfowl in your area.  That being said one inescapable part of birds is their constant droppings.  Not only are they off-putting, can carry dangerous bacteria but they are just plain gross!  They can also do a lot of damage to canopy covers and make your whole lift and dock system look pretty… well you know 🙂 Luckily there are ways to fight back against the bird droppings! With the installation of a few different systems, you can drastically reduce or completely eliminate bird droppings on your property.  Below we will discuss 3 different systems that will help any lake lover keep their property clean of these nasty bird droppings.

Dori Poles are by far the best looking and flashiest system you can have.  With brightly color flags you get to give your dock some flair and some flags can be made with sports teams in mind so you can rep your favorite team while at your lake house and keep those pesky birds away at the same time.  With a simple design, these flags blow with the slightest breeze and keep the birds away due to the motion.  Birds do not like motion it makes them feel uncomfortable and they will often move a few lots over just to be away from it.  Close enough to still watch them but far enough away that they do not leave droppings on your equipment all day every day.  These are best when you need to protect an entire dock system and the lift next to it.

Gulls Away is a bird deterrent system with a minimalist design for maximum effect.  With low profile metal uprights that attach to the canopy frame, you simply run fishing line between the uprights and that’s it.  Something about this line is enough to unsettle any bird that lands and they will fly away and find a place to rest that doesn’t have these lines which prevent quick escapes for the birds.  The goal is to make the waterfowl feel uncomfortable and get them to move on.

Gull-B-Gone is a system that has motion in mind.  The cupped designs on the arms spin in the wind and provide a range of motion that keeps any overhead birds from landing on your canopy.  They are a little more visible than the Gulls Away system but with the motion they provide it is unlikely a bird will even land on your canpoy.

All three of these options are viable for keeping the bird droppings on your property to a minimum..