LSFreestanding canopyHaving a canopy frame and cover on your lift can be a very nice feature. This keeps your watercraft dry and makes the overall boating experience that much better. Yet, if you are in a situation where you either do not have a lift, cannot have a lift, or you cannot attach a canopy to your lift, as with cantilever style pontoon lifts, you may think that you are out of luck. However, you do have options and we are going to tell you about a very nice one.

If you want to keep your watercraft out of the elements; keeping it dry when it’s raining and cooler when the sun is beating down on the lake, then the Freestanding Canopy kit from LakeShore™ (LSP) is the way to go. This unit features

• 120” wide, aluminum construction
• Six 10’ supporting legs
• A high quality, 18oz, Shelter-Rite™ canopy cover.
• Adjustable diagonal braces that keep the unit stable and in place.
• A canopy kit that comes in 24’, 26’, and 28’ lengths

Hardware LSPThe legs can be augured in place and the braces can be adjusted to give you greater access to your craft without diminishing the stability of the unit. The LakeShore™ freestanding canopy is available in a variety of colors, providing the protection and style of any lift-mount canopy systems on the market.

In the event that you are looking for protection from the elements on shore, as opposed to on the water, the freestanding canopy kit from LakeShore™ can be used to give your deck or dock the same protection as your watercraft. The leg posts are designed to accept augers, allowing the unit to be secured on land as well as in the water.

This feature also makes the unit ideal if you want to have the option of moving the canopy seasonally or around your property as your needs or the conditions change. The Shelter-Rite™ canopy material is a heavy duty 18oz., PVC coated polyester that will stand up to the elements very well; keeping you and your dock, deck, or pick-nick area dry and cool. The scalloped edging and white piping of the canopy makes this a very attractive product in whatever application you need.

Freestanding canopy1However, you should consider that even we, at times, have difficulty in getting all six legs in the right position, that is, aligned, in or out of the water, and therefore it can be a task if you want to shift the position of the unit too often. We have found that the best way to get the legs in the right position so that the canopy frame can be put in place is to use a truss that will help you align the legs properly. Once aligned, the placement of the canopy frame is relatively easy for two people to do using a boat to get the frame onto the uprights.

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