Diving boards are a favorite pastime of any good lake life experience.  Often it requires mounting old pool diving boards to the end of the dock or a raft that just never seems secure or safe enough.  All of us have heard stories of the board coming loose when someone is jumping up and down ready to dive, resulting in injury.  If not that then the board itself is of low quality, with those rough surfaces that will scratch up feet and knees given the chance.  The final downside is you can never take your diving board with you out onto the lake to have some fun in deeper water or at the sand bar parties this summer.  This is exactly where LilliPad Marine Diving Boards save the day.  These high quality boards with heavy duty aluminum frame and stainless steel hardware can be removed from a dock or boat within a couple minutes and collapsed down for easy storage.  The board comes with different tension settings for various sized divers.  The system doesn’t flex like traditional diving boards, rather the internal springs cancel out the energy of the diver and propel them off the end of the board.  This patented design greatly reduces any forces of the jumper transferring to the boat.


  • Supports 250 lbs
  • 2 year warranty
  • Quick-Release pin to collapse board when not in use
  • Traction materials for a no-slip surface
  • Designed with heavy aluminum wall extrusion
  • Works on heavy frame and permanent dock systems
  • All Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Designed with heavy aluminum wall extrusion
  • Can be mounted using surface mount (fiberglass or composite material requires this mount) or a under dock mount (plywood)

The best feature of LilliPad Marine Diving Boards is that they can be mounted to your boat and taken anywhere on the lake!  No longer tied to the dock you can take your family anywhere along the lake and enjoy the fun of this board.  To ensure that the board will fit and function correctly make sure you follow these guidelines to determine if your situation fits with the requirements of the LilliPad Diving Board:


  • Minimum boat length 18 ft
  • Minimum boat width 7 ft
  • Floor must be 3/4″ marine grade plywood or 3/5″ solid fiberglass
  • Floor must NOT show signs of wear, rot, flexing or damage of any kind
  • The footprint required to mount the board is 19″ wide and 24″ deep regardless if mounted on a boat or a dock

There are a few areas in which you can mount the board to your boat, please follow the guidelines below when choosing your desired position:


  • Front/Bow Mounting – Bow mounting is permitted on vessels that DO NOT have any objects protruding from the front of the vessel.
  • Rear  Platform/Swim Platform Mounting – If your boat is equipped with a platform at the stern, mount on the Port side only.
  • Side Door Mounting – Side Door(s) mounting provides stability from boat movement and is free of protruding obstructions.

Please remember to only dive into water deep enough to be safe.  Every year we hear of someone becoming paralyzed or killed by diving into water that is too shallow.  Take the time to scout the area you are diving into before hand and use appropriate precautions.

For videos of the LilliPad Marine Diving Board in action please view this YouTube video