CraftLander 3500lb & 4500lb Pontoon Lifts

CLPontoon3The CraftLander pontoon lift option is available in both freestanding and cantilever styles with two bunk styles.   The pontoon support framework is available in either 14’ “underdeck” pontoon racks (168”) or dual aluminum and vinyl hull bunks (144”).  The CraftLander Pontoon lift is available with:

  • 3500lb and 4500lb lift capacities
  • 120” Max beam width
  • 20” or 54” telescoping legs
  • 5/16” Stainless or galvanized cables
  • Craftlander’s patented Double Reduction Winch
  • 64” lift height
  • Stainless upgrade
  • 2 Year Mechanical and 15 Year Structural Limited Warranty

 Available Accessories

CLPontoon1When you are moving through the process of getting a new boat lift, you should not forget to check out the wide array of accessories that can be added to the package.  Having a reliable lift for your boat is nice but if it sits there exposed to the weather, you are inviting long term issues.  There are canopy frames and covers available that will eliminate this issue and if you add any one of the available lift motors, you will have gone a long way toward a complete package.  There are also tools like the boat lift jack and several other installation kits that use wheel kits to make the seasonal installation and removal of your lift far easier.

CraftLander Advantage

This lift features Craftlander’s patented Positive Drive Winch that incorporates a chain drive and roller bearings which lend the lift an ease of operation through its double reduction gear; far exceeding other models in its class.

The CraftLander pontoon lift requires 20” to 30” of water and will work in up to 84” of water.  This lift works best in areas with solid to semi-solid bottoms and suffers a loss of stability in excessively muddy or mucky conditions; however, larger base pads are available for soft conditions.

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