6000_2_LGThe CraftLander 8000lb lift option is a heavy duty, freestanding lift that is designed for low and fluctuating water.  The CraftLander 8000lb lift is available with:

  • 8000lb of lift capacity
  • 120”beam widths
  • 30”telescoping legs
  • 5/16” Stainless or galvanized cables
  • Craftlander’s patented Double Reduction Winch
  • 64” lift height
  • Stainless upgrade available
  • 2 Year Mechanical and 15 Year Structural Limited Warranty


6000_1_LGThis lift features Craftlander’s patented Positive Drive Winch that incorporates a chain drive and roller bearings which lend the lift an ease of operation through its double reduction gear; far exceeding other models in its class.

This lift will work in water that combines the draft of the boat+9” and in depths up to 5’5”; and with the addition of bracing and extension legs, will work in up to 10’ of water.

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