Drive On Blocks are in essence a floating boat lift and a very different way of getting your watercraft out of the water than more traditional vertical and cantilever metal lifts.  These Drive On Blocks are a system of various interconnected high-density polyethylene blocks which are extremely durable.  They are virtually maintenance free and can easily be removed for cleaning or relocating the lift at any time.

Each block is rated to hold 220lbs per full block and 180lbs per half block.  Half blocks are used where the hull of the boat makes contact with the floats to give you a proper surface to drive up on too.  This lift has a 5000lb max capacity and watercraft heavier than that will need to use an alternative style lift.  Drive On Blocks are completely recyclable, they do not rot, splinter or rust nor will they pollute the environment.

When determining the exact nature of what you need the best way to start to build your platform is measuring the overall length and width of your boat.  Divide the total length of in inches of your boat by 19.2 inches (the width of a single block) and this will give you the number of blocks needed for the length.  Repeat this process with the width and you will know how many blocks you need to accommodate the width of your boat.  Take these final two numbers and multiply them together to determine the total number of the drive on blocks needed for the entire platform.  Make sure get the correct amount of half blocks for under the hull of the boat but outside of those the rest of the platform will be full blocks.

We at Boat Lift Blog hope this information helps you make the best decisions possible when choosing your next lift.