All of the solar light options on the market offer the benefits of advanced technology in their design and functionality, yet there are some designs that have features that set them apart.  The solar powered industry relies on batteries to store the energy generated through the photovoltaic process and the longevity and design of these batteries is as important as the solar panels.  In this article we will discuss a design that incorporates advanced electronics to regulate light output to maximize battery longevity.

The Solar Sky Lite™ from LakeLite™ incorporates a powerful lithium battery and energy efficient LED lights to generate a substantial level of illumination.  The Solar Sky Lite also incorporates the unique feature of an advanced microprocessor to sense movement and adjust light output accordingly, saving the battery and further increasing the amount of light that will be produced per charge. The sleek design features;

  • An anodized aluminum housing with
  • An integrated microprocessor and
  • Infrared (IR) sensor
  • Solar lithium battery

All of which give you a highly effective lighting source that will lend style and safety to your dock, waterfront or property.

The Solar Sky Lite™ is a post mounted system, making it an ideal solution for dock and waterfront applications. However, this system can also be used in other environments such as landscape and street side applications.  The primary benefits and the reason for the popularity of solar powered lighting systems, is their “wireless”,self sufficient, stylish, and unobtrusive design, lending this method of lighting a versatility that expands application possibilities.

The lithium battery is a common feature in today’s portable technology landscape; powering laptops, cell phones and the emerging market of solar, hybrid and electric cars. The primary benefit of the lithium battery technology is that they charge faster than the traditional lead-acid battery familiar to many solar power users. Further, the power and energy density, that is, the amount of usable or extractable energy output is far greater; giving the lithium battery an increase in efficiency and longevity.  The Solar Sky Lite, with its technological advantage of an advanced microprocessor to regulate light output and the solar lithium battery to increase efficiency brings a smart package to the solar light market.

On top of all of its technological, i.e. functional features, the Solar Sky Lite brings a durable and stylish design to you lakefront.  In the end you want to get the benefit and versatility of a solar light system for your dock or waterfront at a price that is reasonable.  The Solar Lake Lite from LakeLite™ hits the mark in efficiency, power, longevity and style, giving you what you need at a price you can live with.

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