Versatile Solar Dock Lights

Solar light manufacturers make it their business to produce a product that will capture the broadest market; designing their lighting systems to accommodate as many of the consumers needs as possible.  Versatility and style are two of the primary considerations.  The consumer, that’s you, is the market and therefore the solar dock light industry works hard to give you the light you want that will do the job.

The main benefit of solar powered lighting is:

  • Its versatility of application; you can place them anywhere
  • They require no wiring or even a switch, as many of them use a sensor to turn on at dusk.

Some lights are designed to be installed on specific dock systems, either on a post or on a flat surface, and if you know what type of connection you can work with  from the outset, things will go much smoother.  For example, if you are working with a traditional freestanding dock system with posts that stand up above the dock surface then you need to be certain that any dock light, either solar or otherwise, will accommodate the posts you have; measure twice, buy once.

When it comes to versatility and style we recommend the LakeLite™ solar-dock lake lighting system v.5.0™; incorporating:

  • Light sensors that will turn on at nightfall
  • Super bright LED lights that come in a variety of colors.
  • Designed to fit multiple dock post widths and configurations (round, square, and rectangle) as well as flat surfaces.
  • 18+ hours of light on a full charge, lasting all through the night to give your waterfront the added safety and style that you are looking for.
  • A powerful GE-Lexan Encapsulated Solar Panel and 8mm Mega-Bright LED’s, this system has a marked advantage over other solar lighting options.

These solar lights have also been placed on top of buoys to mark channel pathways, entrances, exits, as well as swim rafts and landscaping features further away from the water’s edge.  As an added safety advantage, this system will fit on the upright post of your dock stairs; simply measure the post width and select the appropriate connector option.

In the end you want the safety and style that a lighting system can bring to your waterfront for a reasonable price and this solar lighting system from LakeLite brings all of these features together in a very nice package.

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