Zebra mussels continue to spread throughout the Great Lakes states it is more important than ever to learn good habits for preventing the spread of this and other invasive species.  Below are a few techniques to turn every boaters habits into healthier alternatives for Michigan’s waters.

When transporting your boat drain all bilge pumps, live wells, and bait buckets.  Next thoroughly inspect the boats hull, trim plates, prop guards, pontoons, and trailer.  Remove any mussels that may have affixed themselves to your equipment before entering a new lake.  Helpful options for removal are a power washer or taking the boat and trailer to a manual car wash.  Once you have completed cleaning your equipment, let the trailer sit in the sun for a couple days to dry out any remaining areas that may have been contaminated.

These measures can go a long way to preventing cross contamination of our lakes here in Michigan.  Keeping our waterways pristine as possible is something we must all work towards together.  As more information regarding laws, regulations, and techniques for prevention of the spread of zebra mussels come in we will keep you up to date on what is happening in your Michigan waters.


Photo Credit To: Wikipedia