Before choosing a dock lighting system you may want to think about the installation location and connection style first.  The market has quite a few varieties or styles of dock lights to offer, there are lights for round posts, lights for square posts and then there are lights that mount on flat surfaces.  This part of the decision is fairly easy, simply get out your tape measure and note the dimensions of your post.  The shape of the post will determine the style of light you can use as not every brand of light accommodates both round and square post designs.  The flat surface mounting style, which every manufacturer attempts to offer may mitigate the situation, but again, the type of connection may be a specific issue for you and you will want to decide accordingly.

If you have a square dock post and are looking to install a solar powered light system, then the post cap solar light from DockEdge® is an excellent option.  This solar light;

  • Is easy to install
  • Fits a 4”x 4” dock post with a flat top or any flat surface; featuring a flat base that can be glued or screwed in place.
  • Offers versatility in application as it can be mounted on a post and installed along paths, docks, and other landscaping features providing style and safety to your property and lake frontage.
  • Has a very low reveal
  • Features a durable, waterproof design that provides a 360 Degree scope of illumination.
  • Is self initializing, using a sensitive light sensor to activate at night and charge during the day and also comes with rechargeable batteries.

The simplicity of this system from DockEdge® will appeal to a broad audience of consumers who have an in-place wooden dock system that utilizes 4”x4” posts as supports.  This type of dock system is very common, despite its weight, or perhaps because of its weight; given its durability and longevity. Yet, if you are in the process of or thinking of changing your old dock in for a lighter aluminum dock system, the common support style is an aluminum or steel dock pipe with a round design that will not accommodate this style of solar dock light.  Given this, if you are thinking of changing your dock in the near future, keep in mind that this style of post cap light will not easily be adapted to the new style of dock.

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