Description of drive on dock systems

Don’t Fight The Tide: Life In A Tidal Basin

Tidal fluctuations are a part of life for anyone that lives near the ocean.  Whether you are directly on the beach or far inland along an inlet or basin, tidal fluctuations are something you will deal with every day.  With changes in sea level come changes to what type of lakefront equipment you can use in specific situations.  Each day the tide will hit a high point during the night and a low point during the day.  If your boat or [...]

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RhinoPort PWC Floating Lift

Make The Connection When you’re getting together with your “fun-time friends” on the weekends and want to just get out on the lake you don’t want to be hampered by a complicated or time consuming boat or jet ski lift; you just want to get going.  Probably the most unobtrusive and convenient style of jet ski lift is the floating lift.  These units are molded poly Jet Ski/ wave runner stations that can attach to your existing dock or sea wall [...]

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Above the Water: More Lake Dock Options

In part one, we discussed the basic details that you will encounter when designing and installing a new dock on your lake or river.   Here, we will discuss, in detail, the variations or options that are available to you when designing and planning the installation of your lake dock system. We will cover the configuration (span and layout), the types of systems available, connection type, and the available decking options.  Some of these decisions will be based on your technical needs, [...]

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