Most boat lifts with canopies use the same method when determining the length and the width of your canopyy frame and cover.

When measuring for length, you will measure from end to end, the entire length of frame.  Some lifts give even number measurements (20′, 22′, 24, etc.) and others will give you odd number measurements, but they all should measure to the foot. So you should not have a 22.5′  long canopy. Sometimes frames can be tweaked or damaged and end up with a number like this.

When measuring for the width of the canopy, the majority use an inside width measurement. So don’t measure overall width like you did the length. You will need to know the width from inside post to inside post of the frame.  It is usually easier to just measure the inside width of your boat lift from inside post to inside post. This will usually give you the number you need.

It is also important to know what brand lift you own. Everyone calls their lift a Shore Station, but that is actually a brand. There are many brands of lifts (see below) and not many covers will interchange.

Once you have your measurements and you know the brand of lift you own, you can start searching for a cover


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