Information on the native species in your marine environment

Sharing the Waterfront Environment: Bees, Spiders and Squirrels

When we buy something we are used to thinking of it as our possession; once money leaves our pocket, we own it.  Most of us share our homes and even our cars with our family and perhaps friends but for the most part, what we buy we own.  Yet, if we take the time to think about it, many of the things we own, especially those that are exposed to nature, are borrowed or used by others.  In a related article [...]

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Lakefront Bird Deterrent Options

If you spend any time at all on the water you will notice that there are several residents whose presence is less than ideal.  In a related article we have discussed the necessity or reality of sharing the waterfront with other creatures, namely spiders and bees.  In this article we will cover some others.  The seagull and the goose are but two of the many that populate the waterfront; however, they are two of the most annoying.  For the most part [...]

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