The 2013 boating season brings with it some changes that are bound to make your life on the water a bit easier.  In this article we will focus on one specific change in the way some aftermarket canopies are attached to your boat lift canopy frame.  For a while now these canopies have used rubber grommets and o-rings, sewn into the canopy itself, to provide anchorage for the springs, bungees, or strapping that ultimately holds the material to the frame.  However, as many of you are probably aware, the rubber grommets can stretch out with time and the o-rings tend to corrode and discolor, marking up the canopy and strapping.

Canopy 4These drawbacks have created a space for improvement adequately filled by a brand new attaching technology from Offray Specialty Narrow Fabrics® called E-Z Lace® Supreme.  This attaching style completely eliminates the rubber grommets and o-rings discussed above replacing them with reinforced lacing holes.  These 1-1/4 holes are sewn into the canopy edge at 3” intervals resulting in a continuous and tight attachment option that offers security and versatility in application. The E-Z Lace® Supreme application is sewn onto the canopy and this retrofit opens up several attaching possibilities for getting your canopy on your boat lift.

Essentially, with the way the holes are arranged around the canopy, you can employ either a continuous bungee, nylon rope, or you can use individual bungees.  One downside to using the continuous bungee is that if it should break, you would have to replace the entire bungee or tie it back together, either way would reduce its strength.  By using the individual bungees, you achieve greater versatility in attachment and replacing one or two bungees is far easier, and cheaper, than replacing the continuous bungee.

Canopy 2The E-Z Lace® Supreme canopy material is constructed from a solution dyed blend of acrylic (37%) and polyester (63%), which results in a long lasting material resistant to mildew and UV.  To give your canopy additional strength, canopy manufacturers have added “Armor-Bar”™, a high tenacity, polyester yarn that lends increased tensile strength to the final product.

The E-Z Lace® Supreme material has proved very popular with canopy manufacturers for all the reasons discussed as well as the significant production benefits that come with the product.  The removal of the grommets eliminates the need for the machines that install those grommets; saving the manufacturer time and money through decreased production time and reduced inventory.  Further, the versatility of the E-Z Lace® Supreme product lends itself to multiple product line applications, including lift canopies, awnings, sail covers, tents, and many others.

This newly introduced canopy attaching system will work with ShoreStation, ShoreMaster, CraftLander, LakeShore, Daka, Newman, Porta Lift, Pier Pleasure, Feighner, Beach King, and Vibo canopies.  Hewitt and Floe canopies however, are currently not available with this system, as will be detailed in a forthcoming article.

Canopy 5

Your boat lift canopy is your watercraft’s main source of protection from the elements and the installment of that canopy should not be a hassle.  The E-Z Lace® Supreme aftermarket attaching technology will greatly improve your experience when it comes to your annual installment and removal of your boat lift canopy; eliminating the often difficult process of trying to attach the bungees and springs of some older designs.  Each boating season brings change, advancements, and new ways of thinking about life on the water. We strive to stay on top of these developments for the benefit of our customers.  Let us know how we are doing by joining the conversation.

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