So you’ve noticed some fraying in your lift cables or even worse one has broken and you are now faced with an urgent need to replace or change out your lift cables; what are your options? Basically, there are two ways in which the task before you can be met.  The two approaches come down to time and money.  You can purchase a winch tube rebuild kit and replace the innards of the winch tube of your lift or you can purchase a complete winch tube assembly, which will include all of the necessary components and the cable, pre-installed and ready for use.


Option one: The winch tube rebuild kit.

  • Comes with everything you will need to get your lift back in operation.
  • Offers stainless or galvanized replacement cables
  • Is available in aftermarket and OEM versions

The process of changing out the components of a winch tube or cable assembly, however, can be involved and time consuming.  Besides the cost, you will have to get the new components and cable into the existing winch tube.  You will have to remove the existing winch tube from the lift, take the old or broken components out and get the new ones in.


Option two: The complete winch tube assembly for Shore Station.

  • Takes you an average of thirty minutes to change out
  • Available for lift sizes SS188A | SSV15/20 & 2600-4000lbs.
  • Can be purchased with stainless steel or galvanized cables
  • Ships for free in the US.

One of the main benefits to purchasing the complete assembly is that the work is done and you can rest assured that it is done right.  If you have any doubts about your own ability to do the job the completed assembly may be for you.  The cost of the complete units is slightly higher than the rebuild kits, however, the decision as to which route to take depends entirely on how much time and effort you want to invest in the job.

As an example, the complete assembly for a  Shore Station 2600 – 4000 lb. capacity lift will include:

  • The Winch Cable
  • Lift Cables
  • Snatch Block
  • 5 Ball Bearing Sheaves
  • 2 End Sheave Bushings
  • 1 Solid Snatch Block Bushing
  • 10 Sheave Spacers
  • 2 End Caps for Snatch Blocks
  • The Aluminum Extrusion
  • All for $459.00 (Galvanized) and $489.00 (Stainless).


To give you as much assistance as possible in making this decision, we have tried to give you the essentials of the process in the hopes that it will give you a place to start.   As I’ve said, the decision is one of invested time and effort.  The process of changing out the components of the winch tube can be involved and frustrating and having the job done for you by purchasing a completed assembly may be the way to go.

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