When choosing a boat lift canopy, make sure you get an accurate measurement of your boat. Many times the factory supplied measurements do not include platforms. The most important job for a canopy is to protect your boat from the sun, so you want to make sure that it covers you boat completely. It is a good idea to choose a canopy length that is at least 2′ longer than the overall length of your boat.

Canopy In and Out

The skirt on a canopy cover is the portion that hangs down on the sides below the side railing and does not have any type of framework around it.  The goal is to raise your boat up under the canopy far enough that the skirt hangs to the rub rail on your boat. Canopy covers can also be ordered with longer skirts to achieve this. If a canopy skirt is too long, it can cause wind whip and fray the ends of the cover. Sleeves can also be added on the inside of the cover that would allow the sides to be tied down to the uprights. ShoreStation actually has weighted canopy ends that helps to keep the cover from flapping in the wind as much.

A wakeboard towers make completely covering your boat even more of a challenge. Some manufactures have recently come out with a tower canopy that has framework that drops down 4′ on each side of the lift and zippers for entry. These canopies do a great job but usually cost as much if not more than the lift itself. So when you are trying to determine the canopy you need for your boat and boat lift, just make sure that it covers the majority of your boat when in the up position.

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