Boat Lift Motor Care

Season of Care Anything in this world that is subject to time and change does far better with care rather than neglect; the equipment that you have purchased for your waterfront is no different.  The elements, regardless of where you live, can wreak havoc on the various components of your lift system and taking steps to avoid damage and prolong their life is easier than you might imagine.  In our article on canopy care we covered the basics of seasonal removal, [...]

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Freestanding Canopy Kits

LakeShore Having a canopy frame and cover on your lift can be a very nice feature. This keeps your watercraft dry and makes the overall boating experience that much better. Yet, if you are in a situation where you either do not have a lift, cannot have a lift, or you cannot attach a canopy to your lift, as with cantilever style pontoon lifts, you may think that you are out of luck. However, you do have options and we are [...]

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The Versatile Shore Bridge Dock System

As the 2013 season breaks open many of you out there are getting your old dock back into position in anticipation of another great summer.  However, many of you may also be thinking about getting a new system and will soon discover that your choices have expanded to include several varieties of decking and support systems. Wading through these options can be daunting as investing in a dock for your lake is no small decision.  These options range in design from [...]

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Beat the Sun withThru Flow Decking

Dock Problems? It’s the middle of July and the sun is high, doing its best to incinerate the mere mortals scampering about on the earth below.  You ‘re standing on your deck, looking out at the water and dreaming of how great it would be to be out on it, or in it.  But there is one problem; your usually convenient path to your boat has been turned into a medieval torture device.  In the glare of the sun you can [...]

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Boat Lift Installation and Removal Helpers

There are now a good number of options on the market to assist with the installation and removal of a freestanding boat lift. By far, the most familiar and popular are wheel kits, so we have provided some information below about kits that we have used.  All of these kits have proven effective in getting boat lifts into and out of the water regardless of the state of the lake bottom. Smarte Jack™ Retractable Wheel Kit The Smarte Jack™ boat lift [...]

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The Shore Station, a History of Excellence

Established in 1959 the Shore Station® brand quickly became the leader in the boat lift industry. The primary advantage that made the Shore Station so competitive was its “over-built” design, combining heavy duty materials with an emphasis on lift capability through stronger winches and intelligent design features employing stronger cables. Designed around the idea that your boat lift should work well when you need it to and not after frequent repairs, the Shore Station lift has remained a favorite among boat [...]

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