Tips and information regarding different dock systems

Marine Service and Product Locator

The business landscape is shifting drastically and the skill set and marketing strategies that are required to be competitive in today’s market are undergoing dramatic alterations as well.  Nearly all businesses these days have some sort of online presence; ranging from high-end websites to an array of social media networks, reaching their market in increasingly diverse ways.  Facebook™, MySpace™, Twitter™ and services such as Angie’s List™, Craig’s List™, and eBay™, etc., have opened up access to a much broader customer base. [...]

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Lighting Your Dock and Waterfront

If you are in the process of choosing a lighting system for your dock, pier, or waterfront, knowing as much as possible about your options can make all the difference. In addition to all of the technical factors such as available power options, installation methods, and application design (where you will place the light), you will also want to consider the look or style of the system. Whether you are intending to deploy your lighting system for decorative or functional purposes, [...]

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The Shore Station, a History of Excellence

Established in 1959 the Shore Station® brand quickly became the leader in the boat lift industry. The primary advantage that made the Shore Station so competitive was its “over-built” design, combining heavy duty materials with an emphasis on lift capability through stronger winches and intelligent design features employing stronger cables. Designed around the idea that your boat lift should work well when you need it to and not after frequent repairs, the Shore Station lift has remained a favorite among boat [...]

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The Benefits of Owning A Boat Lift Jack

If you own or have owned a boat lift, even for one season, then you will be familiar with the difficulty that arises when you want to get that lift into place when the season starts and when removing it at season’s ends. The lift, out of necessity, must be built out of heavy duty materials and as a result can be very cumbersome to maneuver.  Even in instances where you have relatively level ground around your waterfront, or shallow water, [...]

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Dock and Waterfront Furniture

Shopping around for accessories for your waterfront can be a task, especially when you have to consider the varieties and styles available as well as the functionality and compatibility with your waterfront dock or landscape. It might seem like an easy thing to do; choose something you like and place it on your dock or shoreline and you’re set. Yet, there are many options on the market that with a little information could give you a far greater result for your [...]

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Lakefront Bird Deterrent Options

If you spend any time at all on the water you will notice that there are several residents whose presence is less than ideal.  In a related article we have discussed the necessity or reality of sharing the waterfront with other creatures, namely spiders and bees.  In this article we will cover some others.  The seagull and the goose are but two of the many that populate the waterfront; however, they are two of the most annoying.  For the most part [...]

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Post Cap Solar Light

Before choosing a dock lighting system you may want to think about the installation location and connection style first.  The market has quite a few varieties or styles of dock lights to offer, there are lights for round posts, lights for square posts and then there are lights that mount on flat surfaces.  This part of the decision is fairly easy, simply get out your tape measure and note the dimensions of your post.  The shape of the post will determine [...]

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Aluminum Dock Step Systems

Getting in and out of your waterway and back onto your dock or shore is a necessary part of your boating lifestyle.  Even if you do not own a boat or Jet Ski and use your waterfront for swimming only, getting into and out of the water should be a safe and easy experience.  If you have decided to purchase a dock step system instead of building a wooden step then deciding on what style and size to get will require [...]

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Stabilizing Your Dock: Augers and Base Pads

Getting out on the water is one of the best ways to spend a warm day. Whether you swim, jet ski, or use a boat, you want to be able to get out onto, or into the water safely and easily. Chances are you have some kind of dock system and the stability of that dock is an essential, if not overlooked part of the experience. And, in truth, you should have a dock that doesn't require your constant attention; fun [...]

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