Monthly Archives: October 2010

Boat Lift Motors

Choosing a boat lift motor for your freestanding boat lift can be less confusing if you know the different options that are now available.  When it comes to after market boat lift motors, the two most popular types are the direct drive or chain drive winch mount and the wheel to wheel ...

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A good Canopy Length for your Boat

When choosing a boat lift canopy, make sure you get an accurate measurement of your boat. Many times the factory supplied measurements do not include platforms. The most important job for a canopy is to protect your boat from the sun, so you want to make sure that it covers you boat ...

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Choose the correct Boat Lift for your Boat

When it comes to choosing a freestanding lift or hoist for your boat, pontoon or PWC , there are a few things you will need to know to ensure you purchase a lift that works best with your watercraft. Knowing the overall weight and beam of your boat is the best place to start. This ...

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